About Us

Our country is facing a disastrous health epidemic due to the blatant lies and misinformation perpetuated by the government, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, wellness brands, and biased media outlets focused on monetary gain.

Additionally the health and wellness industry has generated trillions of dollars from unsuspecting Americans believing these entities act in their best interest but they’re actually selling “solutions” that will never work or benefit them in any real way.

We think this is unacceptable and it is here we have decided to get in the fight!

REMAIN STRONG is dedicated to helping Americans live healthier and happier lives by approaching wellness holistically, as well as exposing the myths we’ve been taught about health from greedy corporations.

Our passion is to encourage people to take back control of their lives, and motivate them to overcome the adversities they face, and lead them toward complete and total wellness through our platform.

You can fortify your mind, body, and soul to get more out of life. Will you join us?