Affiliate Disclosure about Commissions

Remain Strong would hate to break the Federal Trade Commission's guidelines on endorsements and the collection of affiliate commissions. While we don't always agree with the government we sleep better at night knowing WE do the right thing. So here we go.

Our company, World Dalmanation LLC, who owns the Remain Strong brand, earns small commissions for products or services we recommend to our community. We won't get rich off of it but sometimes it helps keep us caffeinated enough to keep pouring out content or inspiration.

However we will never whore ourselves out to make a buck. We will never sell or recommend stuff we don't fully believe in. When there is an affiliate link, it is to something we have used personally or professionally. Should a company or brand gift Remain Strong with anything of value, that will be disclosed as well.

Hopefully this puts your mind at ease. And if we ever make a handful of cash from these efforts, please be assured we will use it for good like mental wellness initiatives or fighting communism.

Thank you for reading our paragraphs of information. Not only is it informative and slightly entertaining, it helps with our Google SEO too. Like when we mention affiliate disclosure.

P.S. You can also consider joining our kick ass community or buying an inspirational t-shirt in our shop. Both of which will make us extremely happy and support a veteran owned business. See, doesn't that make you feel tingly all over?


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