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Be True to Yourself

Have you ever struggled with feeling accepted for who you really are? It's time to be true to yourself.
Be True to Yourself
Photo by Mulyadi / Unsplash

Have you ever struggled with feeling accepted for who you really are?

Maybe you’ve felt all alone because people don’t truly understand you or you have been ostracized for being unique. Perhaps you’ve encountered the horrible cruelty of bullies because you’re different or were never chosen to be a part of the “in” crowd. For whatever reason, you’ve never felt you can be true to yourself because doing so would be detrimental to your very existence on this planet.

It saddens me deeply you’ve had to experience this yet I understand because I’ve been there myself.

I’m weird and people don’t get it.

For most of my life there have been adversities to overcome but none more so than the challenges of being accepted for who I am.

The truth is I’m weird. Sometimes a freak. And definitely a misfit.

Like a black sheep in a field full of white ones, this guy stands out. Not because of any physical features, though my Dalman nose can be distracting when sunburned — but because the very essence of my soul is different. People can sense it and it’s been a beacon for both good and bad since early childhood.

Being bullied has a way of making you want to hide. Being on the bad end of attention makes you want to withdraw. Being told you’re not normal causes you to become something you are not. And it’s a horrible way to live.

The saddest part is when you change who you are, the more painful your life can become, sometimes even more than the actual abuse you might be experiencing. Denying your true self in order to make others happy robs you of everything.

Embracing who you are is better.

When you ignore the fact that you’re uniquely made, it will slowly eat away at your soul until you are dead on the inside. When you fight to change your DNA, it will totally destroy your life. But when you embrace who you are and accept it, you will thrive in ways you never thought possible.

Become the butterfly.

A caterpillar isn’t the sexiest insect on the planet. Yet when it emerges from the cocoon meant to protect it, it will be one of the most magnificent and beautiful creatures we could ever experience. The metamorphosis is incredible.

Right now you might feel trapped inside a cocoon or just hoping to keep safe from the predators around you. And while it might seem easier to ignore the calling or stay hidden from sight, every fiber of your being should be focused on becoming the butterfly you are meant to become.

Deciding to emerge from what the world thinks you should be to becoming what you are destined to be will give you the strength to fly high.

Let yourself go and be true to self.

It doesn’t matter if you’re weird or different from 99% of the other people on the planet. Actually it does matter … because you are made to be unique. So hell yeah, celebrate it!

You are awesome the way you are.

Don’t give others the power to control how you feel, how you believe, how you want to stand out, or how you want to be known. Stop giving a shit about what others think because the only one being hurt is you.

Let it all go and be true to yourself. Be who you are meant to be.