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Building Strength from Adversity

Facing adversity is never easy but we can gain so much strength from the challenges we encounter.
Building Strength from Adversity
Photo by Jaco Pretorius / Unsplash

On Monday I shared a quote from Bob Marley about strength; that sometimes we never know how strong we are until it’s our only choice.

As I think back on my life and my own adversities faced since childhood, it’s easier to understand the deeper truth in this meaning. It’s the times when we encounter extreme hardships and suffering we grow the most.

It’s like when we lift heavy weights to build muscle; we must tear down those muscles first to reap the benefits of our hard work. The pain and soreness we experience is unpleasant, but without it, we will never get bigger or stronger.

The same applies to our lives.

When we experience adversity in any form it’s not going to be easy. We will have to dig deep to find the proper motivation to fight against it and then have sheer grit to overcome it.

It’s in these moments of affliction we discover what we’re made of. Sometimes we find out we’re actually capable of enduring more than we thought. And it’s through this pain we become stronger as a person.

Adversity is needed for growth.

In the same way lifting weights builds our muscles, the hardships in life also builds our character. You simply cannot have growth without the soreness. Instead of trying to avoid the challenges, we should embrace them!

Laugh in the face of adversity and welcome it.

Running away makes us weaker and it gives power to whatever circumstance that chases us. But when face it head on and refuse to back down, we are empowered in ways that benefit our lives, like becoming mentally stronger.

These situations provide valuable lessons and gives us the ability to stay in the fight, regardless of what that fight is. Adversity cannot be avoided anyways so why not be prepared to kick its ass?

Are you struggling to win the fight today?

I don’t know what you might be facing today or what hardship you’re struggling with, but I believe you have the strength inside you to overcome it.

Why do I believe this?

There have been some very dark days in the past where I was suicidal and depressed, trying to understand my horrible experiences in life like sex abuse, fat shaming, bullying, deaths of loved ones, or going bankrupt. I never thought it was possible to overcome these things, but I refused to give up and somehow made it through it all.

My story isn’t unique and there’s nothing special about me. I didn’t have some super power to call upon, and there were plenty of times I felt all alone without any support, help, or resources. So If I can find a way through so can you!

You have what it takes. You are stronger than you think.

Start with the decision you will not give up or go down without a fight. Believe that no matter what you endure, you’re gonna kick some ass. Fortify your mind, body, and spirit for those unpleasant circumstances you are facing now or will later. And know you are never alone in the battle. We are here for you.