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Facing the adversities in life is challenging, but going it alone is even harder. Knowing you have a group of friends to have your back is priceless. It makes a huge difference between failure or success.

Remain Strong is launching a community of people who are willing to inspire, motivate, and support each other when the shit hits the fan. And it will, because that's life.

Our goal is to encourage you to face your adversity, push you to overcome the obstacles, and challenge you to never give up. We want to help you “stay in the fight” through positive messaging and other wellness resources.

You can follow our Facebook page here. We're just starting out but we hope it will grow into something truly special for everyone involved.


Feel inspired to overcome whatever hardship is next.


Receive proper motivation or ass-kicking when needed.


Ask for support or walk with others during the tough times.

rules of engagement

The Rules of Engagement for Remain Strong Community

The Remain Strong community is all about living with grit and a resilient spirit. There are no excuses, no bullshit, no playing the victim, and no punches pulled. We embrace the suck and confront the hardships even when it’s unconventional. But we will laugh together in the face of adversity because that is how we win.

While Remain Strong embraces being real, we don't tolerate racism, hatred, sexism, bigotry, misogyny, senseless violence, or people being complete assholes. Freedom of speech or expression is never a license to do any of these things. People who cross the line will be removed without warning.

We welcome civil dialogue and adult discussion, as well as honest conversations and questions. We value different opinions and views from people of all walks of life. But we don't condone bullying or mean spirited arguments. Overall people in this community should treat others as they want to be treated. Make it a positive experience for all.

Get Empowered.

One of the best ways to receive proper motivation and encouragement is by connecting with us on our Facebook page. It's always free.

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