Experienced adults.

It’s a new and fitting terminology used to describe those of us who are 50 years of age or older because all the other labels that have been created for us are outdated or don’t seem to fit.

We could call ourselves Quinquagenarian but who the hell can say that? I have entered my quinquagenarian years. Really?? Then there’s sexagenarian, septuagenarian, or octogenarian terms. Yuck! Or we are simply “over the hill” and led to believe we’re now in the cruising zone toward death. How horrible is that!

For those in the higher age brackets, we typically refer to them as senior citizens, the elderly, or the classic Old Timer. All of which conjure up images of crusty old people sitting around watching the Price is Right while drinking Geritol. It can be degrading and demeaning to these amazing humans.

There’s a lot of debate on what to call those of us who are older. Yet none of these suggestions seem very empowering. So Remain Strong is going to change the way we think about people in the 50+ category.

The idea behind experienced adults.

As we move forward in time and celebrate more years lived, we’ll obviously encounter biological and physical changes to our mind, body, and spirit. This is a normal progression for aging. But this certainly doesn’t mean we are old and decrepit, nor are we rendered useless based on a number.

There are so many stigmas attached to ageism it can be disheartening.

We tell ourselves doing “younger” things is no longer possible because we are “old” but this is not an entirely accurate statement. Sure we might feel more pain climbing the stairs or not be able to do what we did in our twenties. And we probably have a few more grey hairs (or none at all) or we’ve picked up some wrinkles.

However, this doesn’t mean we are ancient; it just means we are more experienced.

An experienced adult is one who has lived well.

If we’re over 50, there’s a good chance we’ve seen and done some incredible stuff that younger generations may not fully understand or appreciate yet.

A few of us lived through the Great Depression and fought global tyranny as the Greatest Generation. Some of us gave the finger to the man and became hippies. Many more in our community are the OGs (Original Gangstas) who revolutionized the world with MTV.

Like a business resume, we have our lifetime of experiences that are extremely valuable contributions to our country and way of life. We have earned our battle stripes and paid our dues.

And the good news is we don’t have to be done yet!

Age is just a number.

This is what my wife has told me for YEARS and at first it really annoyed me. Especially when I I turned 40 and cried thinking my life was over.

What I’ve come to realize – and learn from others who are even older than me – is that this statement is absolutely true if you believe it to be.

I have witnessed women in their 70s hiking trails that people in their 40s would avoid. I’ve read about men in their 50s being just as ripped as dudes in their 20s. And I was there when a 100 year old WWII Veteran jumped out of an airplane like he did in the war when he was 18.

Life shouldn’t suck because we reach a certain age; we can continue to break the rules and refuse to let a number define us. If we have the proper motivation and a strong mindset, we can do amazing things until the day we die.

Embrace getting older, not being old.

As a wellness lifestyle brand, we encourage you to give the finger to the stigmas of ageism and to keep in the fight daily. It’s OK to celebrate being experienced adults. In fact, be proud of it.

Remember this … just because you’re older doesn’t mean you are old and can’t keep kicking ass.

Remain Strong by fortifying your mind, your body, and your soul.

Share your two cents.

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