Remain Strong was born out of pain and suffering. It’s a mindset for overcoming the challenges and laughing in the face of adversity. 

James Dalman, Remain Strong

Howdy. I'm James. This is my story.

Several years ago I sat in tears contemplating the struggles of life and the reality of death. Deeply depressed and facing financial ruin, I walked into my bedroom and looked at the handgun on my nightstand. The dark thought that today could be the day entered my brain.

I was grossly overweight and unhealthy in every way and also suffering from PTSD and severe anxiety. Consuming massive amounts of alcohol and muscle relaxers only exacerbated the problems. My life was a real shit show and I desperately longed for it to change.

This was when two life saving things happened: I was introduced to CBD and cannabis for mental wellness and a friend suggested I try the keto lifestyle. They made all the difference in the world!

Today I’m 40 lbs lighter and the healthiest I’ve been in decades. Mentally I’m stronger than ever and stoked to be alive. Most of my demons have been destroyed and I’ve experienced peace. Every day is not perfect but every day is a true blessing. And now this guy is over the hump, figuratively and physically. It’s all good.

Building a wellness lifestyle brand means everything to me because millions of people are struggling with demons themselves. This adventure is about helping them slay them and experiencing peace in their own life. It’s about you living better as well.

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