I wasn’t looking for another idea to pursue. Yet a vision that I couldn’t shake began to ignite itself and take off like a rocket. It was the launch of Remain Strong.

At first the idea was to become an emergency preparation and survival brand. We would help Americans be confident and ready for any potential disaster they confronted. In this day and age, it is definitely needed and it’s a topic that fits perfectly with my military background.

Then there was the patriot angle. Why not start a new revolution and movement to fight for your freedom? It’s another fitting business idea for someone like me. And for a veteran owned company this would be a flag to plant in the ground of capitalism.

Yet something didn’t feel entirely right with either.

Both are awesome businesses but having spent a majority of my life facing and overcoming adversities, I knew there had to be something more that could leave a legacy long after I’ve left the planet. Plus, as we’ve enjoyed the best health we’ve had since being young, people have noticed our lifestyle change and wanted to learn more.

Remain Strong for Life!

What the health?

Donetta and I have been investing more than ever in our health the last few years. She has her story and I have mine, and the longer we’ve been on this journey together, the more we’ve become passionate about holistic wellness. In fact, we’ve invested hundreds of hours researching and learning about a variety of topics on this subject, including keto and nutrition.

What we’ve learned is absolutely appalling!

Obesity, heart disease, cancer, opioid addiction, and mental diseases continue to rise at alarming rates, while the cost for healthcare spending is astronomical. People are experiencing severe health and wellness issues, with hundreds of thousands dying from things that could be prevented.

We also discovered our government and many “health agencies” have lied to us since the early 1960s about nutrition. Our country is facing a more catastrophic pandemic than Covid 19 due to these other – and often preventable – diseases. And these aren’t our opinions; they are facts proven by scientists and doctors across the globe.

As we move forward with the launch of Remain Strong, we will share these discoveries and research with you.

Mental wellness is absolutely critical.

If the health side isn’t enough to worry you, then perhaps the exponential problems relating to mental wellness or mental illness should. Severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts are plaguing our country. No doubt this wasn’t helped with the Covid virus, but we’ve been heading in a downward spiral for some time.

This heart-breaking problem is no joking matter and the gravity of the situation is dire from professional athletes to every day people like myself.

As I reflected on my own battles with depression and suicidal thoughts, it became clear which path to take. Remain Strong needed to be a wellness lifestyle brand however that looked. And because Donetta and I personally know so many other people struggling right now, it makes complete sense for us to commit to this focus.

Where is Remain Strong headed?

Honestly we don’t have it all figured out right now.

The meaning of Remain Strong is to overcome adversity, whatever that might be. This could be related to health, wellness, mental strength, relationships, or other areas where people need help.

We are starting off with a wellness blog, a private Facebook group, and some inspirational and motivational products. There are ideas to incorporate video encouragement and stories, in addition to local meet-ups as we travel. Hopefully we will be able to grow this into something amazing for the future.

One thing we know for certain is we want to help people live better.

It is very exciting to us because we are both extremely passionate about what we’re doing here. It’s one of the first experiments of us working equally together on a business related project … cue arguments about getting things done. LOL! But we believe the launch of Remain Strong is something special.

If you’d like to be involved by sharing your own story, writing for our blog, or just offering some support to others, please let us know.

Until next time …


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