Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

Charles E. Weller

I remember my dad writing this on dozens of pieces of paper as a child. He was always practicing calligraphy on parchment paper and penning this phrase as well as sections of the Declaration of Independence. Perhaps this is one small reason the value of freedom has always been a part of my DNA and why RemainStrong has become so important to me.

Freedom of expression

As far as I can remember, I’ve ALWAYS had the desire to express myself however I wanted. Telling me that I couldn’t do something only made me want to do it more. Telling me I had to do something only pissed me off. I guess rebelling against the status quo has always been in my blood.

Being gifted with creative talents didn’t help the situation. This was evident when my fourth grade teacher told me I’d never make anything of my life because I would draw too much. It was a defining moment where I decided to say fuck you to my critics and begin my long journey of overcoming adversity.

Honestly I never set out to be defiant towards rules or people. Rather just being compliant was not something that computed in my brain. Questioning the things I felt were wrong is not something that could be turned off. So I’ve embraced this uniqueness to my soul.

The truth is we all deserve the right to share our opinions without government interference or be able to express ourselves in an appropriate manner as it relates to the rights we’ve been given. Unfortunately this is changing and may be vastly different in the future if we aren’t willing to do something about it!

freedom of speech

Right now I’m struggling as I watch our country become more and more divided every day. Between the pandemic, cancel culture, political power plays, mistrust of police, and hyper-sensitive feelings of Americans, our nation has become a real shit show.

Addressing these difficult topics only seems to breed more hatred and anger, while raising the levels of depression, anxiety, sadness, and overall sense of impending doom. We can’t seem to have civil discussions anymore, and if you happen to go against popular opinion, you’re labeled a heretic or castigated for your beliefs. Even social media no longer allows us the right to free speech and will ban us for going against the man.

Freedom of speech is now only acceptable as long as it agrees with views of the person you share it with.

The rights that men and women fought to give us are eroding into the past. The ideal of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are disappearing before our eyes. Sadly, it it’s because so many people in this country have let it.

I want to speak out and fight with every fiber of my being because it matters to our way of life. Like William Wallace, we need to take action that will make a real difference, even if it costs us everything.


There’s a HUGE difference between talking action and taking action. While there is a time for civil discussion to be had, there is also a time to fight for what we believe in. This is the moment we must embrace the adversity and do all we can to overcome it.

It’s better to fight for something than to live for nothing.

General George S. Patton

This quote has been a daily reminder for me to use my God given freedoms for good and to keep my passion for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness alive. We can simply choose to ignore the injustices going on around us or we can find constructive ways to make a real difference.

If we look, we will see there is so much to fight for. This is why we must rekindle the American Spirit and discover a cause to invest in.


There’s a chance we will have dividing opinions on topics ranging from the truth behind Covid 19 or whether we ever actually landed on the moon. There’s also a chance we share common values or ideals that unite us.

For example, many of us believe we should be able to live as we choose without obliterating basic human rights. Forcing people to go against their beliefs is wrong. And we should find meaningful ways to work together to ensure this never changes. This is a fight that matters on so many levels.

We shouldn’t waste time arguing or being hateful about wearing a mask or not. This really is a decision of personal choice, and based on scientific evidence now, has no true bearing on the outcome of this pandemic. It’s not worth fighting over and creating more division.

Of course you might disagree with that last statement and that’s OK. As grown adults, we should be able to agree to disagree AND still remain friends.

Regardless, there are values and ideals the majority of us would support or perhaps even die for. That’s where we need to focus our energy and passion, but we need to do it properly. None of us will “win” if all we do is fling fecal matter at each other. We must find better ways to make a difference.

RemainStrong is about finding what unites us and rallying around that in a POSITIVE way.


RemainStrong is a veteran owned company hoping to inspire people in ways that are truly meaningful. We want to encourage Americans to face their adversities and overcome them. We want to motivate and support people who are enduring hardships.

At the same time, what I’m trying to do with this business is more than selling positive or inspirational products. It’s about creating a lifestyle brand that represents the American Spirit. Uniting awesome people together for the good of us all is what it’s about.

Why is RemainStrong so important to me?

The past few months I started to reflect on the challenges our country has been facing individually and collectively. This is when the past became a clear reminder.

I remembered the stories from my grandparents, my mother, and aunts and uncles, who endured the atrocities of World War II. They lived through the hellish nightmare of Nazi occupation and rule. No freedom, no food, no education, and no support. They were oppressed in every way and people were murdered for not complying … or simply for being the wrong race or color.

The Gulikers family never forgot those times, nor did they ever forget the sacrifices thousands of men made in order to liberate them. We can only imagine how our world would be completely different had people refused to stand up and fight.

It’s because of these stories and history I feel so strongly about using this company as a platform for good. RemainStrong is not about capitalism. RemainStrong is about leaving a legacy!

Now is the time for me to use my freedom of expression or speech to protect what those men died for. Now is the time to take a stand for what I believe in even if it requires sacrifice. Freedom means everything to me and hopefully to you as well.


Consider joining our community or buying a patriotic t-shirt. Or simply unleash the warrior spirit inside you and get into the fight. Stand up for yourself and the people of this country. Whatever it is just do something.


P.S. No I don’t have a man crush on Mel Gibson. I just think these clips were fitting. 🙂

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