Most people visiting this website will understand the meaning of RemainStrong. It’s not very hard to see there is a patriotic and fighting spirit to our brand. The words themselves inspire the mindset to not give up. Yet our rally cry isn’t just about protecting freedom. In fact when these words came to me last year, it was about facing and overcoming adversity.

Facing adversities as a child was hard but I overcame them. #RemainStrong

Ever since I was a child I’ve had my share of extreme hardships including life-changing allergies, traumatic abuse, drug addiction, death of loved ones, and even almost dying myself from health reasons or drowning. Ultimately many of these challenges lead to severe anxiety, PTSD, and depression. Sadly there were days so dark that even suicide seemed like an option.

What makes me different is I’ve learned to embrace these afflictions. In a way it’s like earning stripes in the military for time in or advancement of rank. These experiences are weirdly worn like a badge of honor. Not in a sick, narcissistic way (though some might disagree) but because I’ve overcome these challenges.

Playing the victim and crying about my injustices is not how I want to be remembered. Kicking ass and making a difference is. It’s a complete shift in mindset, but it’s been so rewarding and liberating.

What does RemainStrong truly mean?

In all honesty, it’s not what I believe it to be, but what meaning YOU bring to it. How would you apply this to your life or adversity?

For me it’s about having a warrior spirit … a mantra to encourage me to never give up and never give in. Surrender is not an option, especially when it infringes on my values or beliefs. It inspires me to give the finger to the bullies of the world or the institutions trying to hold me down. It means to continue loving my country despite all the ugliness going on.

In your life the meaning of RemainStrong could be entirely different.

If you’re gay, maybe it encourages you to accept and love yourself regardless of what others might think. If you’re Christian, maybe it’s about staying firm in your faith despite possible persecution. If you’re Native American, maybe it’s about keeping hold of your amazing heritage and culture. For those who are severely depressed or suicidal, perhaps this rally cry keeps you going another day.

All of us face adversity or hardships. Some experiences will be similar and others we will never understand. What matters is we do everything we can to embrace our stripes and sometimes even earn them. RemainStrong is staying in your fight whatever that might be.

If you want to RemainStrong you must have a community to help you.

Together We RemainStrong!

There is one more component that I feel is critical to the meaning of RemainStrong and that is authentic community.

It’s not enough to think or say a mantra or even to believe you are a warrior. Changing your mindset is VERY powerful, but having a group of other warriors who have your back is priceless. We all need a community of passionate people who will inspire, motivate, and support us.

Camaraderie is essential to survival. Ask any veteran and they will tell you having a brotherhood to count on is everything.

We are only as strong as the weakest link. When we band together, we have the opportunity to forge a lifeline that can save others as well as ourselves. In order to remain strong, we need to bond together.

That’s our lesson for today. Until next time …


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