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The New Year. The New You.

Maybe you haven't achieved those old health goals, but this year can be different!
The New Year. The New You.
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We've finally crossed the threshold of 2023, and if you're like most people, there's a good chance living a healthier and happier life is probably at the forefront of your mind. And if so, it's for a good reason!

Obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and mental health, among other diseases, have risen exponentially the past several decades, creating a national epidemic and the worst health crisis this country has ever faced. Millions of Americans are suffering or dying from issues that could have been avoided – but thanks to our government, pharmaceutical companies, and the lack of proper treatment from the healthcare system, this isn't happening and lives have been lost.

It's because of these tragic situations that Remain Strong exists and why we've decided to fight for better health for all of us.

We'll share more about these things as we assault forward into the new year but for now I want to focus on you and the decisions you make in 2023.

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The old you is not all your fault.

Every year we hope to lose weight, build muscle, eat better, and live a happier life. We talk about how we're going to make changes and make better choices regarding our health. And we dream what the new us will look like.

Then for whatever reason, we find ourselves settling back into the same old habits without any real progress ever being made, all the while feeling bad about ourselves in the process.

It can be a vicious cycle year after year. We know because we've lived it!

For decades, Donetta and I struggled to do all the things we're supposed to do in order to look and feel sexy. We tried diets and tried consuming fewer calories while doing more cardio. If our doctor gave us advice, we followed it without question. We bought protein powders and pills, maybe even a couple of magic potions as well.

Nothing worked long term.

There were small improvements but then we'd eventually return to our unhealthy and overweight selves with more frustration and depression than when we started. This can truly suck the life out of you. It's a heartbreaking experience to go through over and over again. Maybe you've been there too!

But then a small miracle happened and our minds were opened to a new world of knowledge, research, studies, and truths.

Through this we discovered that all of our failures were largely not our fault, but that everything we'd been indoctrinated to believe was almost entirely wrong. We learned the problem was not us but the lies we've been told for years. As we unlocked these realities we finally began to shed pounds and keep it off, as well as dramatically decreasing our health problems while increasing our happiness.

What it call comes down to is this ...

The "New You" cannot exist because of circumstances beyond your control. It's not your fault you're fat or unhealthy.

If you can take away one key thought from this post, let it be that.

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The New You is Entirely Possible

While many of the health problems we face aren't a direct result of our efforts or education, it is our responsibility to change our lives. Without that commitment nothing else matters. So it's important for you decide to live better before getting started down the health and wellness path.

Aside from that, I know if you have the right resources you will succeed. When you have the proper motivation and encouragement, you will put your ideas into action and stay with it. And when you have access to scientifically proven knowledge and ongoing support, your wellness dreams can be achieved.

The New You is a reality and we want to help.

Our passion is to see you take back control of your health and enjoy a happier life. Our purpose is to share everything we've learned and to provide support so you can feel better and live longer. Our plan is to do this through Remain Strong even if we never make a profit.

Why are we doing this? Because seeing you get more out of life is more important than the alternatives.

It breaks our hearts to see families lose loved ones due to circumstances that could've been prevented. It angers us to see the lies and myths being told that will lead many Americans to early deaths. It saddens us that profits have become more important than people's lives. So we're choosing to take a stand and fight.

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Remain Strong content is 100% free.

After much discussion we've decided to not charge for our content because we don't want money to keep you from experiencing a healthier and happier life. While it takes a lot of work to do the research and write, our investment is about leaving a legacy.

And while it's not required, we'd like to ask that you subscribe to our newsletter with your email address. Doing so ensures you will get updates each week plus it helps show your support for our efforts.

So please take that first step and sign up today. Make the commitment to elevate your health and wellness in 2023. We're here to motivate and encourage you!