Ever since I was a child I’ve had to overcome adversity; hardships that challenged me on so many levels.

Most of these afflictions were brought on by others, a few by my own doing, and some were simply beyond human control.

Regardless, I found a way to survive and thrive despite the odds against me.

Through these adversities I developed a warrior mindset, a way to keep pressing forward even when life presents cruel or unwelcome circumstances. I learned how we react to it makes all the difference in the world.

Refusing to be the victim or quitting when things are difficult is empowering to your soul. It makes you mentally stronger!

My hope is to inspire others to not give up regardless of what’s in front of them; and to embrace the willingness to fight and overcome their own adversities.

Victory is possible despite the hardships -- with the right mindset. It’s never easy, but then life was never meant to be that way. When we realize this we will experience true freedom.

James Dalman


Overcome Adversity

It’s about embracing the fighting spirit and strengthening your resolve to overcome hardship. It says you’re not afraid of challenges and will never back down. It shows you’re willing to laugh in the face of adversity because you have a tough mindset.

Whatever the affliction, we will RemainStrong.


RemainStrong believes we should fortify our mind, body, and spirit to overcome the challenges we all must face. We must develop the confidence to face adversity and turn it into something positive. 

RemainStrong believes we should stand up for ourselves, our community, and our way of life. We must have the courage to fight for our freedom even when it goes against the status quo or requires selfless sacrifice.

RemainStrong believes we should embrace that we're not all alike, but this doesn’t mean we can’t support each other. We must discover common ground to strengthen our bonds while ignoring the differences.

RemainStrong believes we should use our passions to bring good into the world instead of evil. We must work hard at using our experiences to unify and empower, not divide and destroy.


RemainStrong Overcoming Adversity

This company is 100% veteran owned and operated. This is why you might notice patriotism and the military experience bleeding into the DNA of RemainStrong. Volunteering to serve my country is something I'm proud of, but the military lifestyle was also integral in helping me learn to overcome adversity. These lessons and thoughts will be shared going forward.

It's also very important for me to state RemainStrong is inclusive. Unlike many veteran owned brands, we're not about creating division between those who served and those who didn't. We all have our calling in life and there is no shame or guilt in that. What matters is finding people who want to be mentally stronger and are willing to fight for a better life. Adversity does not discriminate and neither do we. HOOAH!


Call it an army, the resistance, or a band of brothers. Either way we'd appreciate you embracing the American Spirit by following and liking our Facebook page.

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