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Our country is experiencing a staggering increase in health related issues and we are at a critical point in our nation as it relates to overall wellness.

Obesity, heart disease, cancer, opioid addiction, and mental diseases continue to rise at alarming rates. The amount of lives lost is appalling, while the cost for healthcare spending is astronomical.

We believe many of these heartbreaking outcomes could be avoided with the proper education, resources, and support. That's why we are here!

Remain Strong is a wellness lifestyle brand dedicated to helping people live better lives and being a catalyst for positive change.

Our purpose is empowering others with the knowledge to make better choices and inspiring those struggling with mental and health issues to stay in the fight.

We desire to see thousands of people overcome their adversities in order to feel better and live longer. And we'll do all we can as a company to make a true difference for wellness initiatives in this country.

why we started remain strong

James and Donetta Dalman

As a couple who has faced our own list of mental wellness and health issues, we understand the challenges so many Americans are dealing with right now.

For years, we struggled to overcome obstacles like severe depression, obesity, body shaming, anxiety, and unhealthy thought patterns. We know what it's like to face the "impossible" and find a way through. Because of these circumstances, we've become stronger and better, but it's not been easy!

When we reflected on our past adversities, we recognized proper guidance, motivation, and support are integral for a better life.

Being empowered with the right knowledge makes a huge difference between success and failure. Receiving positive messages and encouragement pushes you to keep going when things are tough. And having an authentic community of friends who will be there for you is critical to your well being. 

Remain Strong was born from the adversities we've overcome individually and as a couple.

Knowing that others are struggling to fight their own battles is why we wanted to focus our efforts on building a wellness lifestyle brand for the future. There is a way to a healthier and happier life if you're willing to put in the work. If we can do it, so can you!

We hope you will join us on the journey. Let us know what we can do to help.

~ James and Donetta

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