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we defy the rules

Remain Strong is a wellness lifestyle brand dedicated to people over the age of 50. We’re passionate about motivating “experienced” adults to defy the rules about getting older and inspiring all of us to keep kicking ass!

Remain Strong is a mantra to help you fortify your mind, body, and spirit so you can overcome adversity and get more out of life. We encourage you to give the finger to the stigmas of ageism and to keep in the fight daily.

Remain Strong is a company focused on helping others make good choices … approaching health and wellness holistically so we can all live better. Remember, age is just a number and you’re not done yet. Keep pressing forward.

we believe in change

Our country is experiencing a staggering increase in health related issues and we are at a critical point in our nation as it relates to overall wellness.

Obesity, heart disease, cancer, opioid addiction, and mental diseases continue to rise at alarming rates. The amount of lives lost is appalling, while the cost for healthcare spending is astronomical.

We believe many of these heartbreaking outcomes could be avoided with the proper education, resources, and support.

Our purpose is empowering others with the knowledge to make better choices and inspiring those struggling with mental and health issues to stay in the fight.

We desire to see people overcome their adversities in order to feel better and live longer. Remain Strong will do all we can to make a true difference for wellness initiatives in this country.

And even though we focus on serving the 50+ crowd, we welcome anyone to learn from our experiences.

Why Remain Strong

we are stronger together

As a couple who has faced our own list of mental wellness and health issues, we understand the challenges so many Americans are dealing with right now.

We have struggled to overcome obstacles like severe depression, obesity, body shaming, anxiety, and unhealthy thought patterns. We know what it's like to face the impossible. But because of these adversities, we've become stronger!

Now that we're both in our 50s we realize it's even more important for us, and others who are older, to do all we can to remain strong. So our hope is to inspire, motivate, and encourage others to live better and longer.

we are veteran owned

Remain Strong is a veteran owned company who embraces the American Spirit. We are inspired by freedom and powered by grit. We stand for the ideals this country was founded on while encouraging the people of our nation to challenge the status quo for the betterment of our country. For this we make no apologies. 

While we are deeply patriotic, our purpose isn't fighting for the right or the left. There are hills we will die on and many more we won’t. Our only agenda is helping Americans find the warrior within to overcome their adversity and become better human beings because of it. 

Veteran Owned Business

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